Of This Statement These Five Things Can Be Said.
The Artwork presented migrates between formal aspects.  Sometimes representational,  occasionally abstract, and most likely surreal. While a consistency in style and artistic technique waivers, quality is of the highest priority, (although rarely achieved).  
The meaning in its current state can be obtuse. Meaning is subjective, and providing it to the black chasm of human need is annoying at best. However, this is the challenge that has been excepted and also recognized as part of the job requirement.    
The intention is to provide layered visual information to the widest possible gamut of human emotion. However, humor is the precedence, and the emotional response there after is up to the viewer. It is this artist's belief that humor is the superlative catharsis. While contradictory to arts most beloved feeling of anguish, humor in art is often derided, and it's use often misplaced It is the hope of the artist that the SFSC reconciles this division.          
The content is narrative in scope, with minor references to historical events. While there are a variety of subjects and motifs presented,  a principle underlying theme exists concerning the correlation between antiquity and modernity with an emphasis on the absurd. 
This statement is provided without apology and is for the sole purpose of clarification. If fully read but not understood a refund will not be given.  
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