Is this necessary? Probably not, however the images and sounds presented here are a mere supplement to your intellectual pursuits. Are you smarter than us? Yes. Well, most likely yes. If you find yourself questioning if this website meets your standard of well endowed brain matter, our only answer is maybe.  We must confide in you that we do not intend to offend your intellectual prowess by feeding you non stop dopamine hits. In layman's terms, what you perceive to be eye and ear junk may simply be our attempt at receiving attention through artistic means and nothing more. 
The supplied media is FDA certified, organic, and ready for consumption. If by choosing to ignore FDA regulations we can not help you. For the matter at hand, you need stimulation and we will do our best to supply all matters pertaining to such. With this we offer no apologies. You came to this site and that is not our fault. Feel free to continue, write us a note, or leave at any time.  
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The Snootson Family Showcase

Artist. Los Angeles California. 
BFA Laguna College Of Art And Design.
Created Snootson Family Showcase 2004. 

The artwork presented here varies from the Surreal to the Abstract. It is the result of an exploration of different creative means with the integration of humor and historical narratives. 

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